Submitted by By-Laws Committee:

Bob Baker – Chairman

Aleta Baker

Tina Bloecher

Kaye Crafton

Cheryl Darnell

Jeff Williams – Band Director


February 2003







Article I – NAME


            Section 1.         The name of this organization shall be the Graves County High School

Band Boosters.





            Section 1.         To arouse and maintain an enthusiastic interest in the various phases of the

Graves County Band Program.


            Section 2.         To lend all possible support, both moral and financial, to the Band

Programs of the Graves County School System.


            Section 3.         To recognize that the band director, GCHS school system, and the School

Board are in charge of the Band Program and to cooperate with those in

charge to the end that this program shall maintain the highest degree of



            Section 4.         To build and maintain an organization of supporters which will help

promote the general activities of the band.


            Section 5.         To keep ourselves free from the responsibilities of policy making, since

this is a function that belongs solely to the Board of Education, Graves County High School and the GCHS Band Director.




            Section 1.         The regular membership of this organization shall include all parents and

legal guardians of band members interested in the progress of the Graves

County Band Program.  This section is also to include the Band Directors

and hired Paraprofessional. 


Section 2.         Auxiliary memberships are available for an annual ten dollar($10) fee.  These members must be approved by a quorum at a regular meeting, cannot hold office and their votes are limited to twenty percent of the regular membership present.


Section 3.         Non-voting auxiliary memberships are available for no annual fee.


Section 4.         A band fee  per student, with provisions being made for multiple children in a single family  will be collected from all band parents at the beginning of band camp or school yearThis fee will be determined annually by the Executive Board.





Article I - OFFICERS


Section 1.         The elected officers of this organization shall be: President, President-elect, Treasurer, Treasurer-elect, Secretary, and Secretary-elect.




Section 1.         The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization,

shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees, with the

exception of serving on the Nominating Committee.  The President  and Band Director shall appoint all standing Committee Chairmen, create other special committees as deemed necessary, and assign their duties.  The President, in conjunction  with the Band Director, shall call special meetings as needed.

                        Section 2.         The President-Elect shall assume all the duties of the President in

the President’s absence, and shall serve as the Parliamentarian of

the organization.  The President-Elect would also be responsible

for minutes and Treasurer Report in the absence of said officials. 

Further, the President-Elect will immediately succeed the current

President in that office at the conclusion of the President’s term.  A

new President-Elect for the coming year will be nominated and

elected by the regular membership at the April Meeting near the

end of the current President’s term.

                        Section 3.         The Secretary shall keep the records, rolls, and the minutes of all

meetings, distribute copies of the minutes and meeting agendas to the

Boosters and conduct the correspondence of the organization.

                        Section 4.         The Secretary-Elect shall assume all the duties of the Secretary in

the Secretary’s absence.  Further, the Secretary-Elect will

immediately succeed the current Secretary in that office at the

conclusion of the current Secretary’s term.  A new Secretary-Elect

for the coming year will be nominated and elected by the regular

membership at the April Meeting near the end of the current

Secretary’s term.

                        Section 5.         The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and

disbursements, showing each activity separately, as well as a complete record of all funds, and shall give a copy to each Booster present at each regular meeting.  These shall become a part of the permanent record of the organization.

Section 6.         The Treasurer-Elect shall assume all the duties of the Treasurer in

the Treasurer’s absence.  Further, the Treasurer-Elect will immediately succeed the current Treasurer in that office at the conclusion of the current Treasurer’s term.  New Treasurer-Elect for the coming year will be nominated and elected by the regular membership at the April Meeting near the end of the current Treasurer’s term.

Section 7.         The Band Director and above named officers shall be empowered to act in emergency situations within the By-Laws.




Section 1.         The Executive Board shall be composed of the officers of the

Organization, the Band Directors, the Chairmen of Standing

Committees, and the immediate past president.

                        Section 2.         The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the affairs

of the organization.

Section 3.         The Executive Board shall not incur an obligation which has not

been budgeted without the authorization of the Band Director.

                        Section 4.         The Executive Board shall not approve a payment of funds exceed

$500 unless authorized by the Band Director.

Section 5.         The Executive Board shall meet prior to the meetings of the band boosters to determine the business to be transacted.

                        Section 6.         Vacancies occurring on the Executive Board shall be filled by

appointment by the Band Director and President.




Section 1.         Unless otherwise directed by the Band Director, and upon no less

than seven days notice (with the exception of inclement weather),

the regular meeting of this organization shall normally be the third

Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Band Room at Graves

County High School.

                        Section 2.         The Annual Meeting shall be the regular meeting in May.

                        Section 3.         Special meetings may be called by the President in conjunction

with the Band Director.




Section 1.         The Standing Committees of the Band Boosters shall be

Budget/Audit Committee Chaperone/Phone Committee,

Colorguard Committee, Fundraising Committee, Middle School

Committee Nominating Committee, Props/Pitcrew Committee,

Publicity Committee, Special Events/Tailgate Committee, and

Uniform Committee.

                        Section 2.         All Committee Chairpersons shall be appointed by the Band

Director and President, with the exception of the Nominating

Committee and the Budget/Audit Committee.

                        Section 3.         Committee Chairpersons shall be responsible for selecting

members to serve on their respective committees so as to

efficiently fulfill the responsibilities of that committeeFurther,

committee chairpersons shall be responsible for reporting relevant

information with regards to his/her respective committee at the

regular meetings.


                        Section 4.         The Band Director and/or Assistant Band Director shall serve as

an ex-officio member of all committees.

                        Section 5.        The Budget/Audit Committee shall be responsible for establishing

a budget.  Further, they will report to the Executive Board

quarterly as to the status of the budget.  Members of this committee

shall be the President, the Treasurer, the Fundraising Committee

Chairperson, and the Band Director(s).

                        Section 6.         The Chaperone/Phone Tree committee shall be responsible for

arranging chaperones for all band trips and functions. 

Additionally, he/she will be responsible for organizing a Band

Phone Tree for special communication needs.

                        Section 7.         The Colorguard Committee shall be responsible for assisting in all

matters dealing with The Pride of Graves County Colorguard,

including, but not limited to, help with uniforms, auxiliary

equipment, etc.

                        Section 8.         The Fundraising Committee shall assist the Band Director(s) in

selecting and implementing various fundraising programs.  This

will include fundraiser kickoff, prize selection, collecting money

(by working closely with the Band Booster Treasurer), tracking

student success, etc.

                        Section 9.         The Middle School Committee shall be responsible for dealing

with issues specific or primarily relating to middle-school band

members as well as serving as liaisons with middle-school band parents.  The Middle School Chairperson to be recommended by the middle school band director.

                        Section 10.       The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for developing a

slate of potential officers to fill vacancies on the Executive Board

at the end of each year.

                        Section 11.       The Props/Pitcrew Committee shall be responsible for assisting in

the design and the construction of all props, generally associated

with marching season.  Further, this committee will also be

responsible for organizing, in advance, specific individuals to act

as a pit crew at performances.

                        Section 12.       The Publicity Committee shall be responsible for communicating

important information with regards to the Band Program to the

members of the Band Boosters and the public.

                        Section 13.       The Special Events/Tailgate Committee shall be responsible for

organizing all special events, such as receptions, tailgate parties,

band banquet, etc.  This includes, but is not limited to, arranging for food, drinks, plates, etc.

                        Section 14.       The Uniform Committee shall be responsible for organizing all

uniforms, fitting students for their uniforms, help maintain the

uniforms, and ensure the uniforms are cleaned as needed.

                        Section 15.       Additional Committees may be established as needed by the Band






Section 1.         The Treasurer shall be required to prepare a financial report at the

close of his/her term and file copies of this with the Executive

Board, the Band Director, The School Board, and with such other

internal or external

groups or individuals as the Executive Board shall direct.

                        Section 2.         The annual financial report shall become a part of the permanent

record of the organization.





Section 1.         A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Band Director and Band Booster President no less that sixty days prior to the April Meeting to fill vacancies on the Executive Board.

                        Section 2.         Nominations may be made from the floor after the report of the

Nominating Committee.

                        Section 3.         Officers and Executive Board Members shall be elected at the

Annual Meeting in April and shall assume responsibilities

immediately following  the April Meeting.




                        Section 1.         The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall

govern this organization in all cases in which they do not conflict

with the rules of this organization




                        Section 1.         The Fiscal and Elective Year shall be May 1 through April 30.





                        Section 1.         The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote

of the members present at any regular meeting.  The proposed

amendments must have been presented in writing at the preceding

regular meeting of the Graves County Band Boosters.




                        Section 1.         Upon the dissolution or winding up of the affairs of the Band

Boosters, the Executive Board, after providing for payment of all

obligations, shall distribute any remaining assets to the Graves

County School System to be earmarked for the Band Budget.



Graves County High School Band Boosters


Policies and Procedures


            In order to prevent misunderstandings and confusion, and to promote consistent responses to all people, pursuant to Article II of this club’s By-Laws, the Executive Board approves and adopts the following written policies and procedures:


1.                  ACCOUNTING: The treasury books will be examined by a certified public accountant at the end of each school year and a written report made to the Executive Board.  Stamped envelopes addressed to each Executive Board member will be provided to the accountant for use in submitting the written report.


The following Executive Board members will be able to sign on the bank account and have their names on the signature card: the President, President-elect, Secretary, and the Band-Director(s).  Two signatures will be required on a check.  Checks may be signed by any combination of two said officers, or any said officer and one band director.


2.                  EQUIPMENT: Equipment will not be loaned or rented to individuals or other organizations unless it is for the benefit of the Graves County Band Program.


3.                  PASSES: At contests at which passes are given at the rate of one (1) pass per

every ten (10) band members and the special staff is admitted without having to

pay, the chaperones, the pitcrew, and those  who ride the bus and stay with the

band before, during, and after the contest will receive tickets.  At contests at

which the club has to pay for special staff tickets the passes provided will be given

to the special staff and the chaperones will pay admission.  Helpers and

committee members not chaperoning will pay admission to the contests.  The

booster club will provide tickets for the bus drivers if such tickets are not

provided by the contest sponsors.


4.                  FUND-RAISING:  All fund-raising not initiated by the Fund-Raising Committee,

including but not limited to the solicitation of monetary donations, solicitation of

merchandise, selling of items, or selling advertising, shall be brought before the

Executive Board for approval before such fund-raising efforts begin.  This

approval can be sought by means other than a formal executive meeting by

contacting the club President and Band Director(s).


5.                  PIT CREW:  Only adults will be assigned to the pit crew.  People under the age of

eighteen (18) years will not be on the pit crew and may not enter the performing

field area at a contest or football game without written parental consent and